Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Quilting at the Monastery of the Ascension

This quilt blog is about quilting at the Monastery of the Ascension in April of each year.  I am going every April.  It seems a good time of year to get out of town and meet up with some lovely creative souls. I have made new friends and learned so much.  It is a time of relaxing away from the everyday business of life and getting to play at what I love.  All I have to do is show up for the meals! And what meals!  I am gluten intolerant and do not have to worry.  I am at peace. 
It is difficult to have to pack up on the last day and say good-bye.  I am heading back to my regular busy routine.  But I travel with a friend and have good conversation. 
This year Art and Michelle arrived at our time of packing up.  What cheery faces!  They came to assist Julia who had to leave earlier than usual due to an appointment.  Art is the most helpful person.  He was assisting everyone!  Do you know how much stuff each quilter brings to these retreats?  I know my Blazer is perfect for Ruth, myself, and all our quilting accouterments, but one more passenger and their stuff would have to ride on the roof!  Our sweet sister act comes from afar in a Suburban, carrying four quilters and all their stuff.  Art arrived on the scene in the nick of time.  He was lifting and organizing. What a guy!  Meanwhile, Michelle was probably inside wondering where he got to.

Art helps Rose and Company pack the Suburban for the trip home

Ruth's Large Print Quilt Top: STUNNING!

Wow! Check out Ruth's completed quilt top.  Her combination of large prints, hip design, and all that green really produced a smashingly sweet bird quilt.  Just a dash of lavender, for added interest, really pulls it all together! 

Rita's Christmas Quilt!

This is Rita peeking over her quilt top.  She got it all finished at the retreat, even though she ran into a snag or two.  How cute is this?  Makes us non-holiday-quilt quilters have a second thought or two!  Her tree blocks have background fabric that is black with white dots, so it looks like snow.  The black makes all the other colors really pop!

Mary Ann's Monthly Sheep Decoration

My photo does not do justice to the little sheep on the table, that is sporting the snowpeople blanket.  There are twelve different panels, one for each month of the year. They were all hand stitched, and many parts hand-dyed, by none other than Mary Ann Bryce.  She is the one in the blue sweater with the big smile!

Jackie got her labor of love completed!

Jackie got her "Ta-da" on Thursday, and what a ta-da!  It is truly three dimensional! It is lovely to look at and of ample size.  When it is quilted, it will be snuggle party time!  Very nice, indeed.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Twisting Turning Twenty

My 'Ta-da" was finally on Wednesday evening, after my battle with the pieced border. I thought about adding another border to it, but decided against it.  This is my first Twisting Turning Twenty design, so I have learned a couple things from it.  Don't use too many different colors and look at it less closely to see the lights and the darks. On my next one, there will be no question about whether a fabric is light or dark, or it won't go into the quilt.  I believe then the distinction between the two will be less blurred and the quilt more vibrant.  I am always learning.

Ginny's First Quilt Top: Completed!